How It Works

How it Works


How to book a tool or equipment on

1. Borrower Search or Browse Equipment by title or city

2. Book by hours or days of usage. Pay the rent to 

3. hold the fund until rental completed.

4. Tool owners prepare the tool for pickup. 
5. Borrower picked up the tools and rental started

6. Tools were returned to owners after rental completed

7. release the fund to tool owner if no dispute was filed

8. Borrower has the chance to file a dispute before the rental period completed. Based on the evidence provided will have a third party to mediate the dispute and determine how much fund be returned back to borrower. 


How to list a tool or equipment on

1. Register as a Renter.

2. Add Machine in My Account.

3. In descriptions, please add at least one YouTube link to show your tool or equipment is working. Tool owners are highly encouraged to record one Video showing the operating instructions.

4. Please add at least one actual photo of your tool or equipment.

5. Select if you charge by hours or days and set the price accordingly. Rental Price Must be 40% lower than that on UnitedRental or HomeDepot.

6. If you are not sure about the make or model, simply put NA.

7. Once you received a booking request, you can  decide Accept or Reject the request in My Account- My Machine Request.

8. Once you accepted the request, prepare the tools and instruct the borrower how to pick up your tools or equipment. Or you can deliver to the borrower based on the shipping method on booking.

9. During delivery of tools or equipment, you MUST take a short video showing the tool is working at the moment of delivery. When borrower has issue with the tools during rental period, you are responsible to make the tools back in working order. If you believe it is caused by negligence of the borrower, you can provide such evidence in the dispute filed by borrower.