Rental Agreement

Listing of Allowed Goods for Rental

  • The Company provides an online platform to connect Borrowers and Renters. Any User who wants to use the Services of needs to be eligible to enter into a legally binding agreement with the Company. You, as an Machine Renter, you can post the images of the machines/equipments which you intend to give on rent to a prospective Borrower along with its description, rental fee, security deposit for giving the item on rent, updated calendar on the availability of the items, if any on You represent that you are the sole owner of the machines that are being given on rent. Further, it is agreed that you are responsible for any content posted by you on All the machines/equipments for Rental shall be put up in the appropriate category of goods and within the applicable city. Placement of a Listing in a particular category by an owner can in no instance be interpreted as a guarantee on the Company’s part regarding the origin and authenticity of the listed goods. The Company may, in its sole discretion and at any time update, change, suspend, make improvements to or discontinue any aspect of the Services, temporarily or permanently.

  • Other provisions for a particular rental like delivery, deposit amount, rental fee and any other charges or service in relation to the rental shall be clearly mentioned in the ‘description’ section for a particular Allowed Goods for Rental. A Renter always has the option to pick the rented good from the Owner’s place directly or to select a delivery option on

  • The Owner may not mention about his/ her personal information such as address, phone number, email address etc. anywhere on the Listing. Owner is entitled to mention specific condition of the rental, if any on the Listing. Owner hereby represents that he/she either has the complete ownership on the goods/ services that are being listed on or possess the necessary license or rights to put the goods/ services on rent. In no event, the Owner shall modify the rental price upon posting the Listing on It is agreed that before accepting any rental offer, the Owner or Renter will not share their identities and personal information for any reason whatsoever.